Lady of the Sea

 A new book by Margie McArthur, author of Faery Healing, Wisdom of the Elements, and WiccaCraft for Families.

Lady of the Sea: The Goddess Who Births the New Age

She has many names, yet she is always the one who is, who has been, and who will be. She is Life Manifesting, and therefore, she is change—the cycle of change, the great wheel of change in the universe. Although she never really went away, the Goddess has been ignored and  suppressed in the western world for much of the last 1,500 years. But they cannot obliterate her. She cannot be driven away by dogma and doctrine, war or decrees… She is the Great Mother—the Matrix and source from which all else springs.

She has been denied, and knowledge of her mysteries have been suppressed or driven underground over the centuries. But she always reemerges; how can she not when she is at the root of everything? Her time has come again and the evidence is all around us…

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         A treasury of goddess teachings that takes us back in time to trace the Mother of All Life throughout many ages, and cultures, then masterfully brings us forward to our own era with an urgent call to recognize her vital presence in our troubled world. Drawing on an impressive variety of sources from Kabbalah to the Tarot, Astrology to dreams and visions, this heartfelt book is a deep well of spiritual wisdom that shows how enter into a loving relationship with the Divine Mother and work with her for the awakening of humankind.      
            —Mara Freeman,
Author of:  Kindling the Celtic Spirit; Grail Alchemy: Initiation in the Celtic Mystery Tradition

         Margie McArthur’s new book confirms her reputation for careful scholarship and practical wisdom. This is a mature work, and clearly the fruit of many years of reflection, research, and spiritual practice. She draws from many times and cultures, but intriguingly devotes substantial attention to a reading of the Goddess in Christianity. Whether one is a devotee of the Goddess, or (like me) a respectful and curious friend, McArthur’s work will repay close attention. Here we see the modern resurgence of this tradition coming into its own.
           —John Plummer, Bishop: Mission Episcopate of the Theophany; Author of:  The Many Paths of the Independent Sacramental Movement; Living Mysteries: A Practical Handbook for the Independent Priest

         There are deep wells from which our pagan community draws its inspiration. Frazier and Graves are two key sources. But in the midst of our current pagan world bubbles up the deep wellspring of Margie McArthur, who has been blessing us with her gifts of wisdom and scholarship for decades now. McArthur's new work, Lady of the Sea: The Goddess Who Births the New Age, re-affirms the presences of the Goddess across time and in our present day lives by blending together both timeless mythic research and insightful interpretation. McArthur presents to us a blend of pagan and western Mystery Traditions (with even a dash of science sprinkled in) to give us  a cohesive, useable Goddess Mythology that will stand as a community resource for generations to come. Readers seeking to deepen their experience with the Goddess would be well advised to engage with McArthur's well-researched and fascinating customs as well as her reflective inner-journeys.

       —Timothy Roderick, author of Wicca: A Year and a Day

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Lady of the Sea - The Goddess Who Births the New Age

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When the world was born I came into being. . .  I am the beauty running through the world  . .

I am the Essential Feminine. . .

In the beginning I was no more than a mist, rising and falling… I lay hidden beneath infinities that were as yet, hardly conscious, beneath a loose and tenuous polarity. And yet I was already in existence. . . In the stirring of the layers of the cosmic substance, whose nascent folds contain the promise of worlds beyond number, the first traces of my countenance could be read. . . I was the bond that held together the foundations of the universe. . . 

I am the Universal Feminine. . .

I am the single radiance by which all is aroused and within which it is vibrant. . . I extend my being into the soul of the world. . . I open the door to the whole heart of creation. . . I am the unfading beauty of the times to come. . .

I am the Eternal Feminine. . .

  ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, excerpts from "Hymn to the Eternal Feminine," in Writings in the Time of War; Harper & Row, Publishers, 1918.


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